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Stick Curtain Wall

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REXI Stick Curtain Wall means that the self-loading of the curtain wall and the load received by it are mainly borne by the framework. The installation method can be divided into semi-frame installation and clear frame installation.

China stick curtain wall manufacturers make an exterior wall construction method that uses a variety of strong, light and beautiful building façade materials to replace traditional masonry or window walls. It surrounds the periphery of the main structure to make the whole building beautiful. In short, put a good looking coat on the building. The scope of it mainly includes the exterior wall of the building, the lighting roof and the awning.



1. The glass is installed by the inlay groove clamping method, which is easy to install, easy to replace, disassemble and easy to maintain.

2. The floating connection structure is adopted, and the absorption and displacement ability is strong.

3. Can achieve the effect of flat curtain wall and curved curtain wall on the building.

The glass used by China stick curtain wall suppliers is all tempered safety glass, and uses metal fasteners and metal connectors to connect with the support structure. The weather sealant only plays the role of sealing and does not bear the load, even if the main structure is accidentally destroyed, it is broken into pieces and forms a so-called "glass rain". There will be no serious injury caused by the falling of large glass plate.







 -The quality of the curtain wall is easy to control;

- On-site construction is simple, fast and better managed;

- Can accommodate large structural displacements;

- Waterproof performance is better;

- Easy to achieve high performance aluminium curtain wall requirements;

- Can adapt to the needs of modern building development level. 

China stick curtain wall factory has a variety of frame structures which influence the stick curtain wall price. The support components are finely processed and have a smooth surface. They have a good sense of craftsmanship and art. Also it has good environmental protection and energy saving, one of the characteristics is good permeability, we often use non-light pollution white glass, ultra-white glass and low-emissivity glass, especially insulating glass to achieve energy-saving. Therefore, many architects prefer to use it.

China Facde Curtain Wall M5



REXI Glass is China professional stick curtain wall manufacturer and has specialized in building glass façade for more than ten years which enjoys a good reputation. We also have a team who pursuits of excellence, not only the experienced sales can provide good sales service, but the technical personnel must provide the necessary technical support, which can ensure the rapid and effective to meet all customer needs. REXI stick curtain wall is your right choice, and we provide the modern design according to your requirements.




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