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Spider Curtain Wall

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REXI Spider Curtain Wall consists of decorative glass and docking component support structure. According to the decorative effect of the facade, it is divided into a flat-headed glass curtain wall and a convex-pointed glass curtain wall. According to the support structure, it is divided into glass rib point-supported glass curtain wall, steel structure point-supported glass curtain wall, steel rod-supported glass curtain wall and steel cable-supported glass curtain wall. China spider glass is composed of a glass panel, a point support device, bolted glazing system and other support structure. It has the stability of steel structure, the lightness of glass and the precision of machinery.

China Spider curtain wall M1-2


(1) Good permeability: The glass panel is connected to the support structure only through several points, almost no obstruction, the best through the glass line of sight, the maximum depth of the view wall, and the transparency of the glass is applied to the limit.

(2) Good flexibility: In the design of metal fasteners and metal connectors, in order to reduce and eliminate the stress concentration on the edge of the glass plate, the glass plate and the connecting member are hinged, so that each connection on the glass plate are free to rotate, and also allow a little translation to compensate for errors in the installation.

(3) Good safety: Since the glass used for the point-supported glass curtain wall is all tempered, it is a safety glass, and is connected with the supporting structure by using metal fasteners and metal connectors.

(4) Good sense of craft: The support structure of the point-supported glass curtain wall has various forms. The support member has fine processing and smooth surface, and has a good sense of craftsmanship and art. Therefore, many architects like to use it.

(5) Good environmental protection and energy saving: One of the characteristics of the spider curtain wall is good permeability.


China Spider curtain wall M1-4



China spider curtain wall often calls it point-support curtain wall. According to the decorative effect of the facade, it is divided into flat head-supported and a convex head-supported. According to the support structure, it is divided into glass rib, steel structure, steel tie rod and steel cable tension curtain wall, they have different spider curtain wall price.  And China spider curtain wall suppliers provide raw materials for us in strict accordance with the product standard.



REXI Glass is China professional spider curtain wall manufacturer and has specialized in building glass for more than ten years which enjoys a good reputation. We also have a team who pursuits of excellence, not only the experienced sales can provide good sales service, but the technical personnel must provide the necessary technical support, which can ensure the rapid and effective to meet all customer needs. REXI spider curtain wall is your right choice, and we provide the modern design according to your requirements.



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