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Unitized Curtain Wall

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REXI Glass Curtain Wall is composed of panel and supporting structure system (supporting device and supporting system), which can have certain displacement capacity or deformation capacity relative to the main structure, and does not bear the action of the main structure.

REXI Unitized Curtain Wall, is one of the most important glass curtain wall solutions.


 System Characteristics: The unit plates are all assembled in the factory workshop, and the assembly precision is high. The installation speed is fast, the construction period is short, and the finished product is protected. It can be constructed synchronously with the main structure of the civil works, which is beneficial to shorten the overall construction period. The structure adopts the principle of step-by-step decompression, and has a drainage system inside to prevent rain leakage and air penetration resistance. The joints of the plates are all sealed with special anti-aging rubber strips, which makes the curtain wall self-cleaning and the surface is less polluted. The plates are connected by plug-in connection and have strong seismic resistance.





-The construction method is flexible and the process is relatively mature. After more engineering practice tests, this curtain wall structure is the most used at present.

-The main structure has strong adaptability, and the installation sequence is basically not affected by the main structure.

-It adopts sealant joint treatment, water tightness and air tightness, good heat insulation, sound insulation and noise reduction, and has certain resistance to interlayer displacement.

-Panel material unit components are manufactured at the factory, and the structural adhesive performance is guaranteed.

-A large number of installation processes are carried out on site, requiring a large amount of on-site management.

-Sealant construction requirements are strict. The pre-cleaning and rubberizing process requires high quality of workers; there are many control points for installation and many processes, and the quality of engineering management is required.





REXI Glass is China professional unitised curtain wall manufacturer and has specialized in building glass for more than ten years which enjoys a good reputation. We also have a team who pursuits of excellence, not only the experienced sales can provide good sales service, but the technical personnel must provide the necessary technical support, which can ensure the rapid and effective to meet all customer needs. REXI unitized curtain wall is your right choice, and we provide the design according to your requirements.

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