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Glass Staircase

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REXI Glass Staircase, also known as stair glass is a staircase made entirely or partially of glass. The finished stairway is dominated by the transparent texture of the main material regardless of the other matched materials.

REXI Glass is China professional glass staircase manufacturer and has specialized in building glass for more than ten years which enjoys a good reputation. We also have a team who pursuits of excellence, not only the experienced sales can provide good sales service, but the technical personnel must provide the necessary technical support, which can ensure the rapid and effective to meet all customer needs. REXI glass fence is your right choice.


China glass staircase factory classify it by material:

1. All-glass staircase: The load-bearing parts of the stairs such as steps, pillars, structural beams, and hand railings are all made of glass, with only a few metal fittings or no fasteners installed.

2. Part of the glass staircase: It can be specifically divided into: steel structure staircase (structural pillars or beams used to see the metal structure), wood-framed staircases (structural pillars or beams using wooden structure + wood handrails), other structural staircases (structural pillars or beams use any other material such as aluminum or cement structure + wood hand rails). For China glass staircase suppliers, the glass staircase depends on the classification, which also decides the different glass staircase price.

The scope of application it: places where any staircase can be installed. Such as home duplex buildings, villas, clubs, commercial establishments, factories, schools and so on.




To China glass staircase manufacturers, the bullet impact performance is important. Take 4 samples for testing and make sure they meet the requirements of any of the following 2 items.

1) When the sample is broken, the sum of the mass of the maximum 10 pieces of each sample shall not exceed the mass corresponding to the area of 65 cm 2 of the sample, and the length of any fragments that have remained in the frame shall not exceed 120 mm.

2) When the drop height of the bag is 1200mm, the sample does not break.






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