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REXI Glass Partition is also called high glass partition wall. It is a type of to-ceiling partition that completely divides the space. It can not only achieve the function of traditional space separation, but also have obvious advantages in lighting, sound insulation, fire protection, environmental protection, easy installation, and reusability.

China glass partition is a top-to-top partition that completely divides the space. The professional high partition room not only realizes the traditional space separation function, but also is superior to the traditional partition wall in the characteristics of lighting, sound insulation, fire prevention, environmental protection, easy installation, reusability and mass production.



1. According to the type of glass main material: single-layer glass partition, double-glazed partition, laminated glass partition, vacuum glass partition

2. According to the material of the partition frame: aluminum alloy frame glass partition, stainless steel frame glass partition, steel frame glass partition, wooden keel frame glass partition, plastic steel frame glass partition, steel and aluminum frame glass partition, steel and wood material frame glass partition, Frameless pure glass partition

3. According to the frame material size: 26 glass partitions, 50 glass partitions, 80 glass partitions, 85 glass partitions, 100 glass partitions, custom special specifications frame, etc.

4. According to the track form: fixed glass partition, moving glass partition, folding glass partition

5. According to the high and low size: high glass partition, low glass partition, screen partition

6. According to the function and nature of the glass: safety glass partition, fire glass partition, ultra-white glass partition, explosion-proof glass partition, art glass partition, etc.


- Low-carbon environmental protection

-Application fast

- Detachable

- Good lighting

- Beautiful and stylish.




Glass partition doors are widely used, including business occasions, banks, hospital and etc. Now the office environment is getting better and better, so when you choose to partition, you will be more at ease. Everyone wants to have a perfect office environment. If you want to create a stylish office, you will use a partition glass door. In this office, you can use this partition to not only provide sound insulation, but also achieve transparent and bright effects, convenience.

The developed countries in Europe and America developed high-strength tempered glass that can be used for structural support at the beginning of the last century and widely used frameless assembly technology, which fully reflects the unique characteristics of glass products effect. Due to the limitation of the processing level and installation level at present, China glass partition factory still uses the frame method as the main installation and fixing method. In fact, China glass partition manufacturers’ production level has reached the world's leading level and has produced strength that can fully reach the level of structural parts.



China glass partition suppliers use substrate material and fixing material, it is used between the main structure and the partition for fixing glass and playing a decorative role. There are screws, nails, glass glue, epoxy glue, cover strips (wood or aluminum alloy metal materials) and rubber gaskets. Glass partition price is relative to the price of substrate material and fixing material.



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