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REXI Glass Railings are generally used to match the top grade stairs in public places such as hotel lobbies and high-class buildings. Its luxurious texture and excellent light transmission cannot be replaced by other materials such as wood or metal.


Perfect product system makes the glass railing price a little higher but it allows us to produce the top quality stuff and it is available in various specifications, and any personalized style.

China glass railing suppliers make the stairs, railings and accessories to take a combination of design, we provide professional installation of guidance drawings, eliminate the on-site complicated procedures like welding and grinding, avoid the drawbacks of customers’ lacking of professional tools, saving effort and money.


China glass railing factory dose direct sales, so the glass railing price is affordable, eliminating the middlemen, dealers of the complex costs, to benefit our customers.

Our company provides one-on-one customer service, from negotiations to the completion of the installation, our company has one to one professional consultant for you to solve any technical problem. We aim at providing high-quality product and high quality service for our customers.

If you’re looking to add some glass railings to your home or your project, REXI Glass Railing is your right choice. We’ve got all kinds of expertise and experience in working with glass railings and the design touches that they can add to your home that give it that little bit extra in terms of both appearance and functionality.





 Glass railings are perfect for any number of applications, both inside and out. Whether you’ve got a deck, a patio, a staircase, or any other home feature, a glass railing will be a great fit, adding a touch of sleek, modern style, but also functionality and practicality. Glass railings are sturdy, reliable, and also provide a measure of safety, preventing accidental falls.

We can customize your architectural railing setup to suit almost any application. There are a number of glass options, as well as supporting material styles, shapes, and colors. Even in challenging or hard to fit locations, our well-trained team can think creatively to find a solution that will work for you.

REXI Glass is China professional glass railing manufacturer and take a great deal of pride in helping you achieve the goals that you have for your home, your projects, and our team believes strongly in providing nothing but the best when it comes to customer service. We have satisfied customers’ most overseas area with our high-quality glass railing products.


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