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REXI Completed the NOVITA Project in Adelaide Australia

2020-04-28 返回列表

In June 2019, we received a bidding invitation from one of the most famous developer in Adelaide Australia which we had some very pleasant cooperation before. They are planning to build a medical care center for disabled children. REXI is one of the biggest glass manufacturer and aluminum fabricator in north China. We specialize in toughened glass, laminating glass, insulating glass, aluminium curtain wall, aluminum windows and doors. Within 24 hours, a team with design engineers, structural engineer, procurement manager and production manager was set up and the proposal making was started immediately. The client was satisfied with our proposal and finally chose us to do the job.

Our main supply range covers stick frame glass curtain wall, perforated aluminum panels, windows and doors and interior decorations. Acoustic PVB for interior divisions have been used to prevent interact between different rooms. 12mm+1.52mm pvb+12mm tempered laminated glass in the railings have been used to keep these lovely children safe when they run & smile. Double silver LOW E in the double glazing make the whole building green grade for energy saving... REXI always brings the value to the owners, builders and the users.

With our highly efficient design and fabrication ability, we completed the whole job at the end of Oct, 2019. The builder has been very pleased with our delivery time and quality after the inspection. REXI is still on the way --to be faster and better!





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