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REXI Support Clients with Medical Face Masks for Free

2020-03-24 返回列表

REXI bought thousands masks, all delivered by courier today, to our clients who asked for help. We provided the face masks to our clients free of charge.

The rapid spread of COVID-19 cause a shortage of face mask and the price is increasing these days. REXI Industries impose a high sense of social responsibility to help those in this epidemic crisis around the world. Although the mask is in short supply in China also, we try our best to find the stock as much as we can. These masks will keep you and your loved one protected. We have already take measures to provide protective equipment, such as hand sanitizer, face mask, gloves for the front line worker in our factory. And the product lines all back up to production capacity as normal.


We firmly believe that we will conquer this crisis hand in hand. Stay safe, stay healthy.

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