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Leak Proof Skylight

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Skylight is a window on the roof for ventilation and light transmission. Rexi skylight has the functions of ventilation, lighting and smoke exhaust, with sufficient ventilation flow and natural circulation ventilation. It is popular in China. In addition, it can also increase the lighting. The skylight has a larger lighting area than other forms of windows. The room with poor lighting effect in the attic can consider installing a sloping roof skylight. Roof skylights can increase the sense of space of the house and improve the feeling of depression brought to people because of the small space. The insulating glass of the Rexi skylight can remove more than 30 decibels of noise and has the characteristics of noise isolation. The China skylight can also solve the high temperature of the terrace sun room in summer. After installing a skylight on the top of the sun room, the hot air will rise and go out through the skylight, and the low temperature tone will drop after the air convection, which has a cooling effect.


Rexi have delivered 500 sets of finished skylights to New South Wales, Australia. We can supply 4mm WT160#2 & Self-Cleaning #1+18AR (Warm Edge) +3mm Online Low-E#3/0.38PVB/3mm Clear Glass. The skylight profile is 100 series aluminum frame in China, the top domestic aluminum profile, with powder coating, black semi-gloss. The U value can reach 1.04 in summer and 1.45 in winter, and the sound insulation can reach 37dB­­­­.


In addition, we can also customize and design according to your needs, with the most cost-saving, while meeting the four-in-one functions of ventilation, durability, beauty and sound insulation, which is the best choice for your life. . If you are interested in this, you can discuss the design together and look forward to cooperating with you.





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