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Glass Balustrade

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REXI glass balustrade, also known as balcony glass, uses glass as the main part of the balustrade instead of the traditional material like brick, masonry, wood or metal. It must be safety glass.

Among many balustrade glasses, REXI frameless glass balustrade is the best choice of fence for top grade buildings and occasions, with the advantages of beautiful outlook, sturdy and durable structure, safety, long life, easy cleaning and maintenance, etc.


Technical Requirement:

In Chinese national standard it must be safe, general made of tempered or laminated glass or composite of both. However, in high-rise buildings we generally do not use tempered glass alone, China glass balustrade manufacturers use laminated product. Because of spontaneous breakage problems, once broken or be destroyed by external forces, the debris falling down may cause harm to people under. If the balustrade installation needs frame and link accessories, the glass balustrade price rises and it needs to be notched, cut-out or drilled hole during the period of processing according to design in China glass balustrade factory.

In China frameless glass balustrade factory’s quality standard, it must be made of safety glass, so it is durable and impact-resistant. It can withstand extremely high and low temperature, salt spray and moisture. There is no rust, corrosion or decay problem like traditional balustrade material, which can be used for a long time once installed.

China Balustrade Glass P11


More China glass balustrade suppliers began to produce this material. It meets the needs of the development of the times and responds to the strategic guideline of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection. In people's lives, it will become an ideal product for safety enclosure and decoration isolation. In the construction of the real estate industry it will become a new measure of industrial development, new ideas and new image. We can provide our customers with many types of glass balustrade design according to your requirement.





REXI Glass prides ourselves in offering our clients and customers complete satisfaction. As one of the China leading glass balustrade and architectural metalwork specialists you know you are in safe hands.

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