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REXI Glass Door is a special kind of door leaf.

Glass door tempered glass and ordinary float glass are generally made of glass with a thickness of 8mm, 10mm and 12 mm. The tempered glass is both strong and safe.



-Decorative glass door

-Safety glass door

-Energy-saving glass door

-Coated glass door

-Induction glass door



Because the glass door is mainly made of glass, its structure is simple and clear, it is very suitable for modern minimalist decoration style, and due to the transparency of glass, the use of glass door in the room has good light transmission.

Secondly, in the decorative effect, due to the development of modern glass technology, the glass doors of various textures, patterns and shapes enter the people's houses, no longer monotonous, and the decorative effect is even better than the wooden doors.

Sliding glass doors are also becoming more and more obvious advantages - permeability, sealing, special treatment of glass doors with fire prevention, noise reduction and noise reduction are gradually replacing wooden doors, becoming the mainstream in modern home decoration.




 It can be widely used in the construction of the indoor hallway walls, pillars, corridors, and outdoor buildings like hotels, restaurants, bars, banks, hospitals and office building.

It is a special kind of door, its features are determined by the characteristics of the glass itself. For example, when China door glass manufacturers use tempered transparent glass, the door has a transparent and solid characteristic, while when we use acid etched material, the doors will be semi-transparent. Door glass price depends on the price of the mail material.




Traditional wooden doors have a size, and the boards are relatively thick. Once using poor quality and stability material, it will easily cause problems such as cracking, deformation, and mildewing. So China glass door suppliers turn to a new solution.

REXI is committed to technology development, developing and producing personalized glass doors based on the needs of the contemporary market and the habits of customers.

We provide perfect solutions to manufacture high-quality glass doors for our customers according to their local weather conditions and construction structure.

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