REXI got awarded UB center-B block project in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia

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UB center-B block building is a 13 story building as city hall with 14000m2 project area. This is one of the representative building in Mongolia which is a project worthy of expectation. This project is located in Ulaanbaatar which running by Mongolian government and requirement of the completion of this project is very high. Because the center of Ulaanbaatar will move to the west, the location of the project also takes into account the corresponding areas. The project consist of triple glazing curtain wall system, stone curtain wall, aluminum cladding, etc., It is quite complicated

In the whole process of bidding with other well-known suppliers for almost a two years period, REXI certainly has certain advantages. Most importantly we have been in the same class or even better than others in quality management also delivery agreement. In addition, price and service are also important factors, summing up these factors is the reason to awarded the project.

Currently this project is still on going and expected to be completed in the year of 2020.

Qingdao REXI Industries Co., Ltd is a professional leader in design, fabricate and install architectural envelopes, including aluminum glass curtain walls, windows and bolted glazing systems, etc., for domestic and international markets.

Here at REXI we have full commitment from concept through to completion delivering the project on time and budget. REXI developed to provide a specialist service in the design, fabricate and installation of glazed structures comprising glass facades, roof lights, canopies, bridges, balustrades and bespoke projects. Our designs are produced using tried and proven details developed by our own engineers. Attention to detail and pride in our work enable REXI to offer a service which is second to none. REXI Industry is becoming the most reliable Curtain wall supplier in China in either way but we still believe we can do better. You are always welcome for any inquiry.



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