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REXI Participated in the 25th German Düsseldorf GlassTec

2018-11-02 返回列表

Glasstec 2018 Dusseldorf

On October 23-26, 2018, REXI participated in the world's most influential glass exhibition event- the 25th German Glass Technology Exhibition in Düsseldorf (Glasstec 2018). The show attracted 1,280 exhibitors from 50 countries around the world and more than 42,000 visitors from more than 120 countries. This exhibition has achieved a record high in both the scale of exhibitors and the number of exhibitors, mainly focusing on Industry 4.0, showing in various fields such as ultra-thin glass, oversized curved glass, super-large curved glass, intelligent photoelectric glass, building curtain wall and interior and the latest products, cutting-edge technologies and future development trends of glass in the glass industry.


With these years of innovation and development, REXI glass industry has been highly recognized by overseas customers, the technological level and industrial equipment have been greatly improved, and the relevant industry standard system has been perfected. At the exhibition, REXI highlighted high-performance coated glass, ultra-white glass and deep-processed glass products. During the exhibition, REXI booth attracted a large number of domestic and foreign customers to stop and showed great interest in REXI products. In response to product concerns of customers, REXI exhibitors provided professional explanations and services to customers, enhanced their trust in REXI and product recognition, and some customers even signed on-site.


This exhibition provides an excellent opportunity and platform for our product display, brand promotion and interactive communication with international high-end customers. REXI's brand awareness and influence have been further enhanced, which brought new and bigger opportunities for REXI to better expand Europe, the Middle East and international markets.

At this year's show, the REXI sales team, together with agents from all over the world, ushered in a stream of people and numerous inquiries, which made the industry stand out and became a highlight of this exhibition.


REXI will continue to adhere to the working philosophy of "meeting the needs of customers", continue to improve product quality, and constantly promote new products, contributing to the "building materials are greener, better planet"

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