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Why "low iron glass" more expensive than "float glass"

2022-07-11 返回列表

In the huge glass family, there is a type of glass that is crystal clear, high-grade and elegant, known ­­as the "glass noble", it is Low iron glass.


Ultra white glass is a kind of ultra-tran­­­sparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparency glass. With excellent physical, mechanical and optical properties, it can be processed and manufactured in various ways like other high-quality float glass. Low iron glass has the following characteristics:


1. Crystal texture, beautiful appearance: Low iron glass has very good permeability, has crystal texture, and has a super high appearance value, which can better meet the needs of designers and perfectly integrate with architectural design.


2. Low self-explosion rate: Generally speaking, low iron glass raw material contains less impurities such as NiS, and it is controlled more precisely during the melting process of the raw material. Compared with clear float glass, it has a more uniform composition, thus greatly reducing the temperature after tempering. Likelihood of self-destruction.


3. Color consistency: The iron content in the raw material of ultra-white glass is only one-tenth or even lower than that of ordinary glass, and it absorbs less in the green wavelength band of visible light, thus ensuring the consistency of glass color.


4. High visible light transmittance and good permeability: the light transmittance of float glass is about 80%, and the low iron glass with a thickness of 6mm has a visible light transmittance of 91%, which is as crystal clear as crystal. In addition, high light transmittance also effectively reduces light refraction and reflection, which not only reduces light pollution, but also prevents chromatic aberration and deformation of objects between the inside and outside of the glass, enhancing authenticity.


5. High technical content and strong profitability: The technical content of low iron glass is relatively high, the production control is difficult, and it has strong profitability. The high quality also determines its high price. At present, the price of low iron glass is 1~2 times that of float glass, and the technical barriers are relatively high.

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