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What are the advantages of tempered frosted glass partition?

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Everyone is no stranger when it comes to partitions, there are partitions in the hallway. The application range of the partition is wide, not only in the home, but also in the office. Nowadays, the office area tends to be partitioned by tempered frosted glass. Let's introduce the advantages of tempered frosted glass partition.


1. Whether at home or in the office, you want to protect your privacy and not be disturbed by the outside world. The most prominent feature of tempered frosted glass partition is that it has good sound insulation, because frosted glass itself is a kind of sound insulation glass. In essence, I feel that the tempered frosted glass partition is very soundproof.


2. The toughened frosted glass partition has strong safety. The frosted glass is different from ordinary glass. When it is impacted by the outside, it will not be broken. It is intact as before. It is a protective film attached to the glass. It greatly increases safety, which is deeply loved and supported by consumers.


3. The tempered frosted glass partition can effectively protect personal privacy. The frosted glass is opaque and can well cover the room and play an effective role in protecting privacy.


4. Although the tempered frosted glass partition is opaque, it will not block the sunlight, and the light can be well irradiated in. This is very well done.


5. The tempered frosted glass partition also effectively blocks ultraviolet rays and protects furniture from fading, such as carpets, various furniture, wall hangings, etc., and effectively shields ultraviolet rays.

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